Kettlebell complexes for your overall fitness goals

By: Kerry Overfelt (KO)

OK so you ask, what is a kettlebell (kb) complex? A "complex" is a group of different kettlebell exercises strung together in an intelligent manner while using a kettlebell. These complexes will deliver many benefits such as muscle hypertrophy, fat loss, etc. To help you stick with your weight loss plans, here are some routines to keep your workouts fresh and torch body fat. Try these kb complexes as part of your workout or HIIT training.

Workout 1 legs

  • Single arm left arm Kb swings 10
  • Front rack squats left side 10
  • Single arm right arm kb swings 10
  • Front rack squats right side 10
  • Goblet position Walking lunges 10
  • Sumo deadlift 10
  • Repeat for 5 rounds or 20 min as many rounds as possible

Workout 2 upper body

  • 2 kbs push press 10
  • 2 kbs bent over rows 10
  • 2 kbs push-ups 10
  • 2 kbs high pulls 10
  • 5 rounds or 20 min as many rounds as possible

Workout 3 total body

  • Single arm kb swings left and right 5
  • Snatch left and right 5
  • Squat thruster left and right side 5
  • Goblet squat 5
  • Sumo deadlift into hi pull 5
  • Burpees 5 (no kb needed) If you do not have access to kettlebells it's ok, dumbbells can work also

These are just a few ideas for complexes to help you kick up your workouts. It's limitless what you can do with these combinations.