CrossFit* myths and facts: Why I caught the craze

By: Kerry Overfelt (KO)

As a coach and athlete I try to stay on top of all the latest trends in the fitness world. Whether it's a new training protocol, new equipment, different exercises, I try to stay aware. Many years ago a client of mine asked if I had heard about CrossFit? So I looked it up and started to review it. My first impression of CrossFit was not optimistic.

I looked at some of the workouts and thought why so many reps on Olympic lifts? Although I still disagree greatly with the high rep workouts, it has shown to work for certain individuals.

During my review of CrossFit my impression was that it's a variant on HIIT training. At the time, I was doing met cons (a met con is short for metabolic conditioning) with most of my clients and having much success.

That being said, one characteristic that intrigued me was how CrossFit gyms were so different because of their family atmosphere. Being a product of the early 90's bodybuilding gym, I thought this was the most insane ideas I had ever heard. But the CrossFit community continually talked about this bond like it was something new and the craze was spreading.

Well, after dogging CrossFit gyms, coaches, and the programming of this fitness craze…you got it, I decided to open a CrossFit gym. Here is a list of what I have learned from this experience. To be honest it has been pretty amazing and very rewarding!

1. Crossfit is what you make of it!

Example: I have different groups training for different goals; fat loss, weight loss, strength gain, speed, power and whatever else you're after.

2. Every CrossFit gym is different.

If your coach was a former runner, then you're going to have lots of running programmed into your workouts. The same applies if your coach is a power lifter, then you're going to have more of the big three lifts involved.

3. Not every CrossFit coach is a ego maniac, (just. 98%)

I have several friends and professional colleagues who own crossfit gyms, and they are doing great things with their clients.

4. The people that workout at Darkside are absolutely incredible!!!

It's success story after success story, and I credit them all! My clients show up, put in the work and put in max effort.

5. The family that we have at Darkside takes me back to that little gym in Glasgow Ky.

People hang out after the workout, just sit around and talk. People genuinely care for each other. They push each other to get better on a daily basis. We joke and have a good time during the workouts and everyone has a willingness to help each other.

6. I never knew women were so competitive.

I have a group of women that will try to kill you to win! If they had a choice of winning or breathing they would chose winning.

7. Seeing results from the most unlikely people.

There are many stories to tell, trust me on this one.

8. It's not for everyone.

If you're a bodybuilder or figure competitor then this may not be for you. If you are just worried about your biceps and your bench number then stick to your one set of 8 on heavy cheat curls cause that's what Arnold did routine.

9. It has gotten women lifting weights, heavy weights as a matter of fact and has produced great backsides!

If I even have to explain this one then save us both some time and just don't read my articles anymore, HA!

* Darkside Athletics has no affiliation with CrossFit Inc. Darkside was a CrossFit affiliate in 2013 but did not renew the affiliation.