KO knows German Volume Training Part 2: The Last Rep

By: Kerry Overfelt (KO)

We just completed our last week of German volume training. The mental grind was the worst part of this training program. Knowing you have all these sets left and it's the same exact exercise, blah, blah, blah.

I started with 60% of my squat max from the safety squat bar. I went from 300 to 350 for the last week at 10x6. My deadlift was 375 at the start and I ended with 500 at 10x6.

I did not have a push press max because my shoulder is so messed up I can't get my arm above my head. Scotty went from 225 on squat to 275 at 10x6. He began at 275 on deadlift increasing to 365 at 10x6. His push press was 135 to 165 for 10x10.

On the upper body days we used a superset method. We used pull ups, incline bench, dumbbell bench presses, bent over rows and other compound upper body movements. Every other workout Scotty used the push press as his pressing movement.

Scotty said "he felt like he grew on this program, was sore every workout we had, but was tough to get fully recovered. He said "I liked this a lot more than I imagined I would. We strung it out a few more weeks than we wanted but it worked out well.

Conclusion and my two cents

This is like every program or workout, you make it good or bad. It's a tough grind but very satisfying. If your looking to put on some serious muscle mass this program is for you.

Beware though this is not for the weak minded or ADHD lifter. It takes a lot of mental fortitude to grind through the sets, especially when they get heavier.

Win every set, and attack the day!!!